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2018 #TBGLIVE Events

TBGLIVE 2018 01

2018 Tuner Battlegrounds #TBGLIVE provides regional competing opportunities for event promoters and competitors. Competitors who wish to participate in #TBGLIVE must first be pre/advance registered to compete in the #TBGLIVE affiliated event(s). Online voting takes place on Facebook the week leading to the #TBGLIVE affiliated event, narrowing the final competitors to two (2). On-site (at the event), the two finalists battle head-to-head by encouraging supporters to generate a new post on Instagram and/or Twitter with a dedicated hashtag (announced before the final stage of voting). The winner of the #TBGLIVE competition receives an exclusive feature in a print edition of PASMAG. For 2018, #TBGLIVE will take place at over 2 (two) dozen events spread out across North America. Competitors have the opportunity to earn points for the Tuner Battlegrounds Championship tournament bracket.


Jul 28, 2018: Hot Import Nights (Shakopee, MN) USA
Jul 28, 2018: Importfest (Toronto, ON) CAN

Jul 28, 2018: Tuner Evolution: Philadelphia (Oaks, PA) USA
Aug 18, 2018: Battle at the Border (Buffalo, NY) USA
Aug 25, 2018: Tuned In Tokyo (Las Vegas, NV) USA
Aug 25, 2018: Tuner Evolution: North Carolina (Charlotte, NC) USA
Sept 15, 2018: Tuner Evolution: Chicago (Rosemont, IL) USA
Sept 30, 2018: Elite Tuner: Maryland (Annapolis, MD) USA
Dec 1, 2018: Elite Tuner: Arizona (Peoria, AZ) USA
Dec 15, 2018: Hot Import Nights: Australia (Sydney, NSW) AUS

1. Jan 14, 2018: Tuner Evolution: SoCal (Anaheim, CA) USA
2. Feb 10, 2018: Elite Tuner Las Vegas Season Opener (Las Vegas, NV) USA
3. Feb 16-25, 2018: Canadian International Autoshow (Toronto, ON) CAN
4. Mar 23-25, 2018: Northeast Wisconsin Motorama (Green Bay, WI) USA
5. Mar 24, 2018: Tuned In Tokyo: SoCal (San Bernardino, CA USA
6. Mar 28-Apr 1, 2018: Vancouver International Auto Show (Vancouver, BC) CAN
7. Apr 7, 2018: StanceWars: Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV) USA
8. May 5, 2018: Driven Aftermarket Autoshow (Toronto, ON) CAN
9. May 26, 2018: Fitted (Toronto, ON) CAN
10. Jun 2, 2018: Hot Import Nights: Phoenix (Scottsdale, AZ) USA
11. Jun 2, 2018: Parking Garage Party (Elgin, IL) USA 
12. Jun 10, 2018: Stance-Con (Sandy, UT) USA
13. Jun 23, 2018: Ertefa (Markham, ON) CAN
14. Jul 8, 2018: Low Class New Mexico Car Expo (Albuquerque, NM) USA
15. Jul 13-15, 2018: Honda Indy: Toronto (Toronto, ON) CAN
16. Jul 14, 2018: Driven Aftermarket Autoshow (Winnipeg, MB) CAN
17. Jul 15, 2018: StreetScene (Syracuse, NY) USA
18. Jul 21, 2018: Elite Tuner (Sandy, UT) USA

*Events/Dates are subject to change


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