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Tuner Battlegrounds #TBGLIVE provides regional competing opportunities for event promoters and competitors. Competitors who wish to participate in #TBGLIVE must first be pre/advance registered to compete in the #TBGLIVE affiliated event(s). Online voting takes place on the week leading to the #TBGLIVE-affiliated event, narrowing the final competitors to two (2). On-site (at the event), the two finalists battle head-to-head by encouraging supporters to generate a new post on Instagram and/or Twitter with a dedicated hashtag (announced before the final stage of voting). The winner of the #TBGLIVE competition receives an exclusive print feature in PASMAG. Competitors have the opportunity to earn points for the 2020 Tuner Battlegrounds Playoffs.


1. Soukasene Thatvihane
2. Jose Mendez
3. Chris Hill
4. Clifford Joe
5. Andrew Espiritu
6. Daniel Buffington
7. Ricardo Zamora
8. Michael Dalope
9. Rogue Bratten
10. Tim Tannhauser
11. Tim Kennemore
12. Josh Stubstad
13. Isac Ramos
14. Isaiah Lucero
15. John Kodera
16. Brandon Hooper
17. Jacob Clark
18. Josh Hernandez
19. Kyle Eaton
20. Derrick Parra
21. Chris Malloy
22. Emil Orencia
23. Patrick Yeager
24. Lee Temple
25. Zlatko Dizdarevic
26. Jeff Kurtz
27. Logan Oakley
28. Steven Sampaga
29. Erik Vierstra
30. Jonathan Skeens
31. Algier Redoloza
32. Anthony Romero


The Eighth Annual Tuner Battlegrounds Playoffs, presented by PASMAG and sponsored by AEM Induction SystemsDress Up BoltsGram Lights and Jensen Mobile, provide automotive enthusiasts with an opportunity of a lifetime - to compete against other passionate enthusiasts in North America* for the ultimate award - the cover of PASMAG!

Seeding for the Playoffs begins immediately, and inclusion and placement in the Top 64** depends on votes earned throughout the 2020 Tuner Battlegrounds #TBGLIVE Season.

Between November 3rd and 9th, daily online voting in the Playoffs will take place to narrow the competitors to 64 in an elimination round. On November 10th, the competitors will be matched-up and battle for votes based on seeding in a single-elimination tournament until November 25th, and between November 25th and 30th, the finalists will battle head-to-head to determine the Champion in the Eighth Annual Tuner Battlegrounds Championship.

In addition to receiving the cover of PASMAG, the Champion will receive prizes from all the sponsors, including a new set of Gram Lights wheels!

New for 2020! A Donation will be made in the Champion’s name to a local food bank and the Champion will receive an exclusive trip to the 2021 SEMA Show in Las Vegas!

*Contiguous United States or any province in Canada
**The #TBGLIVE competitors will be seeded in relation to their results and total number of votes accumulated in the 2020 Tuner Battlegrounds #TBGLIVE Season, while the remaining competitors will be decided in Stage 1: Elimination.