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Tuner Battlegrounds is an online competition portal hosted by PASMAG (Performance Auto & Sound Magazine) where automotive enthusiasts can compete with their modified vehicles and/or vote for their favorite modified vehicles or automotive builders on www.tunerbattlegrounds.com. Participating automotive enthusiasts of Tuner Battlegrounds have the opportunity to compete for an exclusive print feature in PASMAG, giveaways from sponsors and/or awards at participating events. HERE'S THE SPIN - rather than PASMAG selecting the competition winners as judges, this responsibility falls on the automotive enthusiast - the audience, fans, show-goers and friends and family of the competitors or events. With a click of a button (Facebook-enabled voting) or creating a new post with a designated hashtag (Instagram, Twitter), the audience will be able to vote and select their favorite competitor(s) from stage to stage (rounds).

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The annual Tuner Battlegrounds Championship competition provides automotive enthusiasts with an opportunity of a lifetime - to compete against other passionate enthusiasts in North America* for the ulitmate award: to be featured on the cover of PASMAG. Hundreds of enthusiastic competitors register each year but only 1 will be left standing. Seeding for the Tuner Battlegrounds Championship begins immediately, and inclusion and placement for the Top 64 depends on votes earned throughout the Tuner Battlegrounds #TBGLIVE Season. The #TBGLIVE competitors will be seeded 1 to 32 in relation to their total number of votes accumulated in the Tuner Battlegrounds #TBGLIVE Season, while the remaining 32 will be decided in the #WILDCARD round of Stage 1: Elimination. Between September and October weekly online voting will take place to narrow the final competitors to 2 (two), one round after another.
*Contiguous United States or any province in Canada


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Tuner Battlegrounds #TBGLIVE provides regional competing opportunities for event promoters and competitors. Competitors who wish to participate in #TBGLIVE must first be pre/advance registered to compete in the #TBGLIVE affiliated event(s). Online voting takes place on tunerbattlegrounds.com the week leading to the #TBGLIVE affiliated event, narrowing the final competitors to two (2). On-site (at the event), the two finalists battle head-to-head by encouraging supporters to generate a new post on Instagram and/or Twitter with a dedicated hashtag (announced before the final stage of voting). The winner of the #TBGLIVE competition receives an exclusive feature in a print edition of PASMAG. Participating competitors have the opportunity to earn points for the Tuner Battlegrounds Championship tournament bracket. More info at http://tunerbattlegrounds.com/events.

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