Tuner Battlegrounds 101

Welcome to PASMAG's Tuner Battlegrounds, an online tournament bracket-style competition where automotive enthusiasts can compete with their modified vehicles and/or vote for their favorite modified vehicles or automotive builders on www.tunerbattlegrounds.com. Participating automotive enthusiasts of Tuner Battlegrounds have the opportunity to compete for exclusive print features in PASMAG, giveaways from sponsors and awards at participating events and in the annual Championship Playoffs.

2022 NEWS
The oil and additive specialist, LIQUI MOLY, will be the presenting sponsor of the 10th Annual Tuner Battlegrounds, online and at events across North America.

Rather than PASMAG selecting the competition winners as judges, this responsibility falls on the automotive enthusiast - the audience, fans, show-goers and friends and family of the competitors or events. With a click of a button (Facebook-enabled voting) or creating a new post with a designated hashtag (Instagram, Twitter), the audience will be able to vote and select their favorite competitor(s) from stage to stage.

The Tuner Battlegrounds Championship Playoffs take place online in the Fall. The Tuner Battlegrounds #TBGLIVE competitions take place year-round. The voting takes place exclusively online on www.tunerbattlegrounds.com.

In the Elimination and Battle stages, the winner is determined by website visitors voting by Facebook. Use a valid Facebook account to register and sign in. After you have signed in with your Facebook account, and when the Voting Window is open, click on the competitors of your choice and assign votes to the competitor by clicking the "Voting Star" button. Once submitted, your votes are locked. Voting is limited to 1 (one) vote per Facebook account per 24 hours of each posted qualified competitor. At the end of each stage, the competitor with the highest number of votes will advance to the next stage. The competitors with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated. In the Final stage, typically Stage 3 or otherwise stated, the winner is determined by Instagram voting or otherwise stated. When the Voting Window is open, create a new post with your Instagram account with a photo of the competitor of your choice, and add their assigned hashtag in the caption. Instagram profile must be made public for your vote to be locked. Voting is limited to 1 (one) vote per Instagram account of each posted competitor. In the end, one will be named "The Champion" and will receive the prize of a PASMAG print feature. Information collected is subject to the Performance Publications Media Group Privacy Policy.