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Jason Owens: 2017 Honda Civic Type-R

Jason Owens has been around cars all his life. This was unexpected in his family since no one else was interested in cars or racing. He started working for a Corvette road race team when he was 15; Owens swept floors, and helped/learned every chance he could. Eventually, he worked with the team as a mechanic, then a fabricator and finally with the pit crew at races. "I learned what I currently know through hands-on in the shop (work) as well as trial and error," expresses Owens.

Owens went to tech school for automotive but didn't learn much that would apply to his fabrication and motorsports work. "But it's good to have on resume," discloses Owens. He eventually moved onto a Ferrari race team, then Porsche.

"My love has always been with Honda though, having owned and built many Honda vehicles over the years." Owens started (really) driving more at road-course events while working with the Porsche team, and built his first Time Trial car which turned into his first full Honda Challenge race car. "I competed and drove at many of the top tracks in the country, constantly developing new skills and improving those already learned," mentions Owens. Along the way his fabrication skills have increased and now as he improves his available tools and equipment, his work has only gotten much better and more consistent.

The 2017 Honda Civic Type-R came upon United Speed Racing (USR) as a new development car for the shop. Many months before the car was available, Owens was offered a chance to put a deposit on the first one coming into Georgia, and jumped at the chance." When it came in, and the price with markup was told, it became a difficult decision which ultimately lead into the purchase," remembers Owens. The Civic Type-R has been used to fabricate, test, and develop new parts that USR currently sells as well as on track-testing of other manufacturer parts for them. The entire experience has been amazing, and we continue to evolve the CTR more and more each day!"

Owner: Jason Owens
Location: Cumming, GA
Vehicle: 2017 Honda Civic Type-R
Horsepower: 370

Facebook: Jason Owens
Instagram: @unitedspeedracing
YouTube: Video

Photography by Chinchi Chiang, Kevin Patrick.

01 Jason Owens 2017 Honda Civic Type R PASMAG

United Speed Racing in-house built Setrab side mounted 25row oil cooler setup
United Speed Racing in-house built intercooler and radiator misting system
United Speed Racing turbo blanket for stock turbo
United Speed Racing downpipe blanket
FullRace/CSF radiator
Mishimoto oil catch can
Mishimoto prototype black front-mount intercooler and piping
Mishimoto intake system,
PTP Gold Foil on turbo inlet pipe, valve cover, transmission, coolant pipes, etc
Liqui Moly engine oil

03 Jason Owens 2017 Honda Civic Type R PASMAG

United Speed Racing in-house built 4" to 3" catless downpipe
United Speed Racing in-house built 3" stainless race exhaust with single exit Magnaflow muffler
PRL 3" front pipe with PTP heat wrap

11 Jason Owens 2017 Honda Civic Type R PASMAG

KTuner Flash Tuning
KTuner TunerView Dash Logger

United Speed Racing in-house built Setrab 10row Transmission cooler
AMSOIL trans fluid
SPEC Clutch stage 3 6-puck disc and upgraded pressure plate

08 Jason Owens 2017 Honda Civic Type R PASMAG

Konig Ampliform Bronze wheels - 18x9.5"
Maxxis VR1 tires - 265 (f), 245 (r)
Monster Lugs lug nuts

Essex Parts AP Racing 6 Piston Radi-Cal 355mm Full Floating front brakes
GiroDisc Prototype 2-piece rear rotors
Ferodo DS111 Race Pads
AP Racing R4 Race brake fluid
HEL stainless braided brake lines

07 Jason Owens 2017 Honda Civic Type R PASMAG

Motion Control Suspension Prototype 2-way non remote dampers
Ground Control race front camber plates and rear spring perches
Eibach 2.5" 600lb front and 1300lb rear springs
Karcepts race rear hollow tube sway bar
Eibach prototype adjustable rear camber arms
RV6 spherical front lower control arm bushings
RV6 front compliance blocks
RV6 spherical rear trailing arm bushings

06 Jason Owens 2017 Honda Civic Type R PASMAG

BMSPEC front splitter and rear Carbon GT Wing
Ikon Motorsports standard 5-door hatchback grill for more airflow to radiator
United Speed Racing in-house built laser cut louvered-vent insert in place of stock hood scoop
Custom cut and applied vinyl logos

The Retrofit Source LED projector headlight replacements and full LED bulb set throughout

13 Jason Owens 2017 Honda Civic Type R PASMAG

United Speed Racing in-house built 4-point hard-mounted mini hoop harness bar
Recaro Pole Position driver's bucket seat
CI sliding race seat bracket
Schroth 6-point driver's harness

09 Jason Owens 2017 Honda Civic Type R PASMAG

"All of them honestly. It has been a long road over the past year. Started tearing down the car to begin modifications after the initial track test at 471 miles, now nearly 18k miles later and many track days and competitions, the mod list is high. It has been a learning experience and continues...."

"Always working to improve the car as a weapon on the race track, definitely function over form. We continue to try and test new ideas and solutions to overcome the cooling system issues the car has. We have many new products in the works for this as well as suspension, aerodynamics, etc."

05 Jason Owens 2017 Honda Civic Type R PASMAG

PTP Turbo Blankets
Hasport Performance
Maxxis Tire
Motion Control Suspension
Essex Parts / AP Racing
Konig Wheel
SPEC Clutch
Liqui Moly
Coast Lighting
KAKA Industrial
Pedal Commanders
All Star Wraps

United Speed Racing (www.unitedspeedracing.com)

02 Jason Owens 2017 Honda Civic Type R PASMAG