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Dean Quach: 2003 Honda Accord

OCT 31 - NOV 3, 2017
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It was easy for Dean Quach to make the move from a 1997 Honda Accord to the 2003 Honda Accord he now currently owns. "I fell in love with the interior after comparing the 1997 to 2003 vehicle," Quach tells us. Over the course of the years, Quach slowly built the Accord with custom modifications from the coupe model since the aftermarket support wasn't there for the sedan. "Things didn't get serious until 2015 when I first bagged my car," mentions Quach. The car was his daily at the time and he didn't want to constantly worry about getting a leak or a failure in the management system that would prevent him from getting to work on time. It was at that moment he decided to get a (new) day-to-day car, and gradually modify the Accord.

Quach moved to the (wide) body work but kept it really subtle, "I didn't want to go crazy at the time." He decided that the car was too dark of color so he painted it from Eternal Blue Pearl to BMW Estoril Blue with Egyptian Gold Pearls. "I transitioned over to Rainbow Flakes on Estoril Blue later down the road and the paint popped in sunlight!" After entering and competing numerous cars shows and not receiving any awards (or heavy recognition), Quach chopped the car up and spent an entire year re-building the body. "I went online and researched on building a widebody from scratch and took matters into my own hands to build an aggressive body on the Accord." Quach went from a 2-inch flare to a 4.5-inch flare and did a custom-vent on his front fenders. He found himself unsatisfied once again after taking no awards after another event.

"I decided to go a different route this time," expresses Quach, "I picked up a K-Break body kit from someone that had it on their 2008 Accord. I chopped the bumper and custom-fused the entire kit onto the original bumpers of my Accord." With the new body style in place, Quach decided to do a complete color change and went with a simple color - Jet Black. "I chose this color due to the richness and depth it provides to achieve the VIP-style theme."

After this last overhaul, Quach received numerous awards at shows around the Houston and Austin area. "As of right now, the car has a fully customized interior that includes burgundy, double -diamond stitched seats, black suede headliners, Junction Produce accessories, Jet Black Paint, K-Break kit, custom 3-piece molded trunk duckbill, Airforces bags, and much more!"

Quach's Accord is quite unique and he takes pride in his build, "this car was literally built solely by me, in my home garage and with no background or experience in any auto body shop or class. I'm a self-taught individual that believes you won't succeed until you try and tackle the job on your own with trial and errors." The only piece that was performed by a shop were the seats, in which Quach will not take credit for.

Owner: Dean Quach
Location: Houston, TX
Vehicle: 2003 Honda Accord
Horsepower: 220
Club: Thunder Monkeys

Facebook: Dean Quach
Instagram: @deansgarage

Written by Randi Bentia.
Photography by Simon Chan, Chill As Fawk, Dean Quach, Mark Magcarry

01 Dean Quach 2003 Honda Accord Tuner Battlegrounds Simon Chan

Injen Cold Air Intake
3.7L TL AWD Intake Manifold 
3.7L TL AWD Throttle Body
P2R Throttle Body Spacer
P2R Intake Manifold Spacer
Port and Polished Intake Runners

03 Dean Quach 2003 Honda Accord Tuner Battlegrounds Chill As Fawk

3-inch Straight Pipe to Mufflers
Dual Quad Tip Junction Produce Type 2 Mufflers

08 Dean Quach 2003 Honda Accord Tuner Battlegrounds Chill As Fawk

Weds Vishunu 3-piece wheels - 18x11.5 (f), 18x13 (r)
Toyo T1S Sport tires - 245/35/18 (f), 265/35/18 (r)

12 Dean Quach 2003 Honda Accord Tuner Battlegrounds Simon Chan

Accuair E-Level Management
Airforce Strut/Bags
Greddy Strut Bar
Ingalls Rear Control Arms
Skunk 2 Front Upper Control Arm
TL-S Rear Sway Bar

02 Dean Quach 2003 Honda Accord Tuner Battlegrounds Chill As Fawk

Custom All Metal Widebody Flares
Custom Front Fender Vents
Custom 3-Piece All Metal Duckbill
K-Break Body Kit with Custom Vents
Inspire Front Grill
Inspire Headlights
TSX Sideview Mirrors
Jet Black 3 Stage Paint
Side Door Moulding Delete

05 Dean Quach 2003 Honda Accord Tuner Battlegrounds

VIP Puddle Lights along Sideskirts
All LED Interior Lights
LED Light strip in Trunk
LS460 Foglights
Inspire Headlights
Blacked-out Taillights
HID Lighting

09 Dean Quach 2003 Honda Accord Tuner Battlegrounds

Double Diamond Stitched Burgundy Seats/Doors
Black Suede Headliners and Pillars
Black Carpet Conversion
Burgundy Seatbelt Conversion
VIP Front and Rear Tables
Junction Produce VIP Curtains and Accessories
15% Onyx Tint All Around

11 Dean Quach 2003 Honda Accord Tuner Battlegrounds Chill As Fawk

10 Dean Quach 2003 Honda Accord Tuner Battlegrounds Chill As Fawk

Hot Import Nights - Best Honda, Best Stance, Best Interior
DreamFest Houston - Best of Show Non-Euro, Best Interior
Texas Illest - Best Interior
Stancewars - Best VIP
Import Face Off - Best Honda
Stancenation - Best Interior, Best 2nd Place Honda
Slammedenuff - Best Accord 1st, Best Air Setup

07 Dean Quach 2003 Honda Accord Tuner Battlegrounds

"Trunk Build - I built the entire trunk setup on my own with absolutely ZERO experience on working with hardlines and wood layout. I built the wood floor from scratch and did a 3-air tank with dual 444c ViAir compressor setup. Tanks are painted Jet black with Candy Brandy Wine accents to match the theme of the car."

Fabulous VIP Steering Wheel
Headliner led starry lights
Comptech Supercharger

Toyo Tires

Deansgarage - Dean Quach

04 Dean Quach 2003 Honda Accord Tuner Battlegrounds