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Shingo Mendoza: 1984 Datsun Sunny Ute

Shingo Mendoza fell in love with the Hakosuka front end thanks to a viral image of the car. He had been saving up for a 1970s Skyline for a while, and he knew he had found the perfect blend of both worlds with his idea for a Hakotora truck. Mendoza was finally able to get his hands on a 1984 Datsun Sunny Ute, and immediately started looking at front end conversion options. Now, the car is a real life Hot Wheels car, and was the first Hakotora in the United States.

Owner: Shingo Mendoza
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Vehicle: 1984 Datsun Sunny Ute
Horsepower: 145 whp
Club: 09 Racing

Facebook: Shingo Yamamoto
Instagram: @decepcionez

Photography by Nathanil Cason, Micky Slinger.

Shingo Mendoza 1984 Datsun Sunny Ute TBGLIVE1


  • 4age Blue top engine
  • HKS Cams
  • Polished and Ported
  • FCR41 Racing bike Carbs
  • Ford Focus Coil on plugs
  • T3 Pulleys
  • T3 Trigger Wheel
  • Ford Escort Cam position Sensor
  • Zaklee Cam Cover

Shingo Mendoza 1984 Datsun Sunny Ute TBGLIVE5


  • Custom equal length manifold
  • 2.5-inch straight pipe exhaust


  • Megajolt ECU


  • AE86 Custom Driveshaft
  • AE86 TRD LSD Differential
  • Front 280zx suspension with t3 tie rods

Shingo Mendoza 1984 Datsun Sunny Ute TBGLIVE4


  • Atara Racing wheels
  • 09 Racing carbon fiber wheel covers


  • Wilwood Master Remote cylinders
  • Front 280zx brakes
  • Rear AE86 brakes

Shingo Mendoza 1984 Datsun Sunny Ute TBGLIVE7


  • Silk Racing adjustable front top hots
  • 09 Racing coilovers
  • 43-inch straight rear leaf springs
  • Adjustable rear shackles
  • 4-inch drop blocks


  • 09 racing Skyline Hakosuka full front end conversion
  • 09 Racing rear fender flares
  • 09 Racing S30 carbon fiber fender mirrors
  • 09 Racing carbon fiber Headlight Bezels
  • 09 Racing carbon fiber Headlight covers
  • GT- Kai Badges
  • Custom graphics

Shingo Mendoza 1984 Datsun Sunny Ute TBGLIVE8


  • 09 Racing Skyline Hakosuka Interior
  • 09 racing carbon fiber rear view mirror
  • 09 racing carbon fiber prototype visors
  • 72 Skyline Hakosuka Gauge Bezel
  • Speed Hut Custom Gauges
  • Corbeau Seats and 4 point Harness


"Front end conversion, because it is just beautiful. It represents an era in which they took pride in what they were doing and it shows."

Shingo Mendoza 1984 Datsun Sunny Ute TBGLIVE9


  • Better rear suspension
  • Maybe a radio


  • 09 Racing
  • Holy Frijole Food Truck
  • Clippers Hair Studio
  • Treadwear

Shingo Mendoza 1984 Datsun Sunny Ute TBGLIVE3