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Thomas Walton: 2013 Volkswagen Golf R

Thomas Walton's love for VWs started with his first car, a Mk5 GTI. "I got [it] up to 147k miles," mentions Walton. All throughout high school he always wanted a Golf R but could never afford one, "it was a dream car of mine," remembers Walton. He graduated high school, got a good job, worked hard and was able to buy his dream car -  a 2013 Volkswagen Mk6 Golf R.

"I kept working hard and put everything I had into it," mentions Walton. He always wanted to bag a car, so he worked hard and bagged the Golf R in my garage. This is special to him because his dad helps him a lot on the car. "I love being able to spend time with him," mentions Walton, "making the car our own." The air suspension and custom trunk layout was added and installed by the two of them in their garage. "I'm happy to look at it and say it's our own creation."

From there, it created a snowball effect. "I got some crazy (looking) wheels that I change the color of every year," states Walton, "then I decided to wrap the car at my friend's shop, and in that process decided that I wanted it to be one of the only fully-debadged Mk6 Rs in the state." As a result, the badge on the front and trunk was removed.

The Mk6 Golf R is Walton's daily driven vehicle and he wanted it to have everything: fast, turn heads, and have a bumping sounds system. "So, again, me and my pops got to work, and re-did the whole sound system in the car," mentions Walton. The system will rattle one's head pretty hard, and that's what they wanted.

Walton is always working on the car and tries to do everything himself, to learn and save money.

"I love being able to say my car is owned by me and built by me and my pops," states Walton, "with help from friends along the way." He wants to be able to drive his "show car" everyday and everywhere, and build it around that idea.

"I want to drive my car," mentions Walton, "not park it at shows and trailer it everywhere."

Owner: Thomas Walton
Location: Riverton, UT
Vehicle: 2013 Volkswagen Mk6 Golf R
Horsepower: 300 (estimated)
Club: n/a


Facebook: /Thomas.Walton00
Instagram: @tmw.sixr

Photography by @zeus.creative, @daar_creative.

01 Thomas Walton 2013 Volkswagen Golf R PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • APR Stage 1+
  • APR high pressure fuel pump
  • Integrated Engineering intake
  • R8 coil packs


  • CTS Turbo muffler delete
  • CTS Turbo outlet pipe

06 Thomas Walton 2013 Volkswagen Golf R PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Rotiform CCV wheels - 18x8.5 


  • Air Lift Performance Series air suspension (f/r)
  • Accuair VU4 E-Level
  • Accuair Endo CT

10 Thomas Walton 2013 Volkswagen Golf R PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Custom wrap
  • De-badged (f/r)
  • Tint
  • Rear wiper delete

03 Thomas Walton 2013 Volkswagen Golf R PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • OPD black cherry euro taillights

08 Thomas Walton 2013 Volkswagen Golf R PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Custom trunk
  • Air management 
  • Sound system


  • Kenwood head-unit
  • Rockford Fosgate 12-inch subwoofer
  • Rockford Fosgate 600W amplifier
  • Focal speakers (f/r)
  • Rockford Fosgate 1200W amplifier
  • Custom fiberglass subwoofer box

07 Thomas Walton 2013 Volkswagen Golf R PASMAG TBGLIVE


"The air suspension is my favorite because it makes the car easy to daily (drive) here in Utah. Even in the winter, I can still take the car up snowboarding. Then you can drop it on the floor wherever you park and it looks amazing. Super reliable and versatile."


  • Roof Box
  • Full bolt on Stage 2+
  • Turbo back exhaust
  • Aero
  • 3-piece wheels

09 Thomas Walton 2013 Volkswagen Golf R PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Vizual Labs


  • Makes & Models (services major issues and tuned the car)
  • Ahns Customs (wheels & tires)
  • Vizual Labs (wrap)

05 Thomas Walton 2013 Volkswagen Golf R PASMAG TBGLIVE