Dave Mattinson: 2014 Honda Civic Si

Dave Mattinson considers himself as a late bloomer in the aftermarket automotive scene. "I started in the car scene late," he mentions, "and am older than a lot of people in the groups I'm in." Like age shouldn't matter, Mattinson strongly believes that the type of car shouldn't matter. "We are all united by cars, passions and expressions through our builds," he expresses. Mattinson, with his a good friend, Bob, created a new group to unite all enthusiasts - car, truck, bike and Jeep. "If you're addicted to modifying your ride, respect others' builds and have a love for the car community, you'll fit right in with MOD ADDICTION." He is also the Vice President of 9GENSOSIEY Maritimes, which is a 9th Generation Civic car club from years 2012-2015 inclusive. "I am meeting so many people who have all sorts of styles and types of cars and want to be able to all hang out together," states Mattinson

. "I am extremely active in the car scene and attend everything I can."

Mattinson's 2014 Honda Civic Si is nicknamed Stella. "Yes, I named my car," he laughs, "and she's more popular than I am." He does all his own work on her with his good friend, Bob. Mattinson needed to think outside of the box to make the Civic different, a conversation starter, and to make people stop and try to figure out if they love or hate it. "Either way, it got their attention," he laughs.

"I accept all sorts of criticism, positive negative or constructive," mentions Mattinson, "it's how we all grow." If there's one thing he's learned over the past few years it's that one needs to build their build for themselves and no one else.

Owner: Dave Mattinson
Location: Riverview, NB
Vehicle: 2014 Honda Civic Si
Horsepower: 175 whp
Club: 9GensoSietyMaritimes, Mod Addiction, SiClubNB


Facebook: /dave.mattinson.5
Instagram: @dave_and_stella

Photography by Dave Mattinson.

01 Dave Mattinson 2014 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • OEM


  • OEM


  • K&N Typhoon short ram intake


  • OEM, manual

02 Dave Mattinson 2014 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • JNC 051 wheels, black with bronze face and black rivots


  • OEM


  • Eibach Pro kit lowering springs

03 Dave Mattinson 2014 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Rear and side window visors
  • Bayson R front lip with red pinstripe
  • Seibon TS Style carbon fiber hood
  • Red LED demon eyes and amber delete in headlights
  • Lambo doors

04 Dave Mattinson 2014 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Safego LED headlight and fog light upgrade
  • Complete customred LEDunderglow kit
  • Custom interior red LED setup inside door panel, speakers, under dash and seats and under hood


  • Hard wood floor in trunk


  • Kenwood 12' subwoofer
  • Kenwood amplifier

07 Dave Mattinson 2014 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE


"My favorite modification is the hood and the doors. I can't decide between the 2 ."


  • "Something interactive"


  • n/a


  • Dave Mattinson
  • Bob

08 Dave Mattinson 2014 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE