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Zlatko Dizdarevic: 2006 Volkswagen GTI

Zlatko Dizdarevic has always been interested in cars, and being from Yugoslavia, you see VWs everywhere. "So naturally my first purchase was a VW and this particular 2006 GTI," he mentions. Dizdarevic got into the car scene through some friends he met at a local get-together. Central Pennsylvania is a hot spot for the VW community, air-cooled as well as water-cooled, so Dizdarevic always sees them zipping around. "There were couple of local car friends who both had mk4 GTIs and the two were in my opinion on a different level," he remembers. Their builds sparked inspiration for Dizdarevic to build a GTI of his own. "One was a meticulous mk4 OEM+ and the other was a wild build mk4 that was really ahead of its time," he states, "so I decided to do something in between."

As time went on Dizdarevic realized that he was building a clean-looking GTI. "Less is more so to speak," he mentions, "sticking true to my European roots." His GTI build is built by friends for friends. There has been a lot of conversations with his friends and what to do next, and many have lend a hand to build it in the early stages.

"I started looking into more custom modifications and it was out of all of our skill ranges," states Dizdarevic. At that point he started reaching out to different shops in the area. His wife has helped Dizdarevic the most. "Just by allowing me to be and not try to put her foot down," he laughs.

Owner: Zlatko Dizdarevic
Location: Easton, PA
Vehicle: 2006 Volkswagen GTI
Horsepower: 221 whp
Club: n/a


Facebook: n/a
Instagram: @i.am.zlatko

Photography by Zlatko Dizdarevic.

01 Zlatko Dizdarevic 2006 Volkswagen GTI PASMAG TBGLIE


  • HEP intake manifold
  • EuroJet front mount intercooler
  • Modified Forge air intake with K&N filter
  • Integrated Engineering valve cover
  • Integrated Engineering catch can with custom SwoopsBuilt hard-lines plumbing
  • Mishimoto radiator ( Custom with a overflow coolant tank) - by SwoopsBuilt
  • EuroJet transmission and engine mounts
  • EuroJet pendulum mount
  • SwoopsBuilt brake fluid reservoir
  • Custom AC lines by SwoopsBuilt
  • Custom fuel lines by SwoopsBuilt
  • Custom brake lines by SwoopsBuilt
  • Converted everything to AN fittings
  • EVAP delete
  • Vacuum pump delete

02 Zlatko Dizdarevic 2006 Volkswagen GTI PASMAG TBGLIE


  • Steve Petty Motorsport 3" turbo-back exhaust


  • Eurodyne Mestro Tune
  • NewSouth Performance boost gauge


  • HS Tuning RSR clutch kit

03 Zlatko Dizdarevic 2006 Volkswagen GTI PASMAG TBGLIE


  • OZ Racing Futuras 3 Piece wheels - 18x9 (f), 18x10.25 (r)
  • Nankang tires - 225/4018 (f/r)


  • OEM

05 Zlatko Dizdarevic 2006 Volkswagen GTI PASMAG TBGLIE


  • Air Lift Performance 3P management system
  • Air Lift Performance struts
  • 3 gallon tank
  • ViAir 480C dual compressors
  • SPM 28mm solid front sway bar
  • UROtuning 28mm solid rear sway bar
  • SwoopsBuilt rear upper control arms

04 Zlatko Dizdarevic 2006 Volkswagen GTI PASMAG TBGLIE


  • OEM Votex front valance
  • Shaved front bumper
  • Custom mini (quarter) hood
  • Shaved engine bay
  • Chrome side mirror caps


  • OEM

06 Zlatko Dizdarevic 2006 Volkswagen GTI PASMAG TBGLIE


  • Recaro A8 bucket seats - custom upholstery
  • Leather headliner and A,B, C pillars
  • Rear seat delete
  • Custom trunk set up with 3 gallon tank and battery relocation
  • Custom subwoofer box in place of the rear seat delete
  • VW CC knobs with aluminum trim for driver and passenger side doors
  • VW CC euro spec light switch
  • VeltSport AC control knobs

07 Zlatko Dizdarevic 2006 Volkswagen GTI PASMAG TBGLIE


  • Pioneer AVH-4200NEX head unit
  • Custom cub box
  • JL Audio 12TW3-D4 subwoofer
  • JL Audio XD600/1 amplifier


  • Recaro A8 seats

08 Zlatko Dizdarevic 2006 Volkswagen GTI PASMAG TBGLIE


  • IE k04 turbo upgrade
  • S3 injectors


  • n/a


  • 4everkustoms
  • SwoopsBuilt
  • Ripsautodetailing

09 Zlatko Dizdarevic 2006 Volkswagen GTI PASMAG TBGLIE