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Chris Hill: 2020 Toyota Supra

Tuner Galleria: Chicago (Mar 7, 2020)
Voting Schedule: Mar 7 @ 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM CT
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Chris Hill has been building cars since he was a kid with his father. "He was a IMSA and LMS series driver at the time," Hill mentions, "so naturally I fell in love with cars." His first couple of cars were modified to the current trends at the time - radiation symbols on the hood and blitz body kits. "This was way back in 1999," laughs Hill, "so give me a break." Since then, he's built everything from Nissans to Ferraris. "Some of these builds include a Do-Luck wide body Nissan 350Z, Amuse wide body 370Z, wide body BMW M3s, Ferrari 458 with Prior wide body and more," he remembers.

Many years and builds later, it now brings us to Hill's 2020 Toyota GR Supra Launch Edition. "I purchased it in December of 2019 and received it in July of 2019." Three months prior to receiving the car, Hill was lucky enough to have the first Pandem Rocket Bunny wide body kit for the Supra granted to him by Kei Muira San. "Once the car got here we were determined to have it ready for SEMA in November of 2019," he states. They started with performance and were at one point the highest HP A90 Supra in the world. Since then, they've focused on primarily the looks and functionality of the vehicle. "Adding the wide body kit, air suspension, bigger turbo kit, electronics and more," Hill mentions.

One of Hill's best friends, Brian Butkovich, has been there every step of the way and tours with him throughout the country racing, drifting and showing the car.

Owner: Chris Hill
Location: St. Charles, IL
Vehicle: 2020 Toyota GR Supra Launch Edition
Horsepower: 678 whp
Club: Midwest Modded


Facebook: /ChrisGTRHill
Instagram: @slowgtr

Photography by @zuumy.

01 Chris Hill 2002 Toyota GR Supra pasmag tuner battlegrounds


  • Built BMW B58C motor


  • Boost Logic full titanium valvetronic F1 exhaust

05 Chris Hill 2002 Toyota GR Supra pasmag tuner battlegrounds


  • GFB G-Force boost controller
  • Bootmod3 tuning software


  • 8-Speed ZF 8HP automatic

03 Chris Hill 2002 Toyota GR Supra pasmag tuner battlegrounds


  • Rohana RFX13 3-piece forged wheels
  • Toyo R888R tires


  • Brembo + R1 Concepts combo


  • KW Suspension electronics
  • Air Lift Performance bagged coilovers

04 Chris Hill 2002 Toyota GR Supra pasmag tuner battlegrounds


  • Pandem/RB V1 full wide body kit
  • Pandem/RB V1.5 rear duck tail
  • Pandem/RB V1.5 front lip
  • Pandem/RB V2 side splitters
  • Street Aero rear diffuser
  • NV Specialties carbon accents
  • Dress Up Bolts wide body hardware
  • Titanium Works badging


  • Pandem/RB V1 side skirt lights


  • Takata Racing 4-point ASM harnesses
  • Takata Racing/Cobra Misano carbon fiber seats with green Takata Racing stitching
  • Cusco harness bar
  • NV Specialties carbon fiber rear arm section
  • NV Specialties carbon fiber air vents
  • NV Specialties carbon fiber HUD display
  • NV Specialties carbon fiber lIght controls
  • NV Specialties carbon fiber steering wheel add-on
  • NV Specialties carbon fiber dash display
  • NV Specialties carbon fiber door inserts

02 Chris Hill 2002 Toyota GR Supra pasmag tuner battlegrounds


"Pandem/RB wide body kit because of the way it makes the car look and feel. I feel this is the way Toyota should have released the car."


"I have a massive list of modifications to be added to the car. Everything from spark plugs to tubular exhaust manifold, to a bigger wing and more. We've got a long way to go."


  • Rohana Wheels
  • Styln Industries
  • Takata Racing
  • Toyo Tires
  • R1 Concepts
  • Air Lift Performance
  • D2 Industries
  • Brand-X Cleaners
  • 3M Vinyl
  • First Gear Products
  • NV Specialties Carbon
  • Toretto App
  • Dress Up Bolts
  • Titanium Works
  • HCP Performance
  • Bootmod3
  • Green Toyota
  • Overtake Digital
  • B-Rogue Built
  • Cusco USA
  • Boost Logic
  • Big Boost Turbo
  • Go Fast Bits
  • Professional Awesome Vents
  • FlatHat3D


  • D2 Industries - Derek S
  • Miller Car Star Auto Body - Joel Zabel
  • Garage Work - Brian Butkovich

06 Chris Hill 2002 Toyota GR Supra pasmag tuner battlegrounds