Jesse Kelly-Krug - 2016 Volkswagen Jetta

Competitor: Jesse Kelly-Krug
Location: Windsor, ON, Canada
Vehicle: 2016 Volkswagen Jetta
Horsepower: 220

Instagram: mk6_66jetta


  • Full straight pipe
  • IE intake
  • Forge motorsport dumpvalve kit with BOV
  • Upgraded coil packs
  • Stage 2 unitronic tune
  • Pedal commander
  • 1 inch vagcamberkit engine risers
  • Frame notch
  • Stiffer subframe bushings and Upgraded dog bone mount


  • 3M Satin ghost flip pearl
  • Krotov Rear trunk duckbill
  • Krotov widebody kit
  • Sleek Aero Rear Difuser
  • Sleek Aero Front Splitter
  • Street Aero Side Splitters
  • Galaxy black chrome delete on
  • Front Grill & Rear "VW" badge
  • Blacked out Side markers (mirror Hights)
  • Blacked out Rear reflectors
  • Ceramic window tint
  • Ingenuity smoked sequential tail lights
  • Viand demon eye sequential headlights
  • Trunk lid "flip" modification
  • Amazon Korjo underglow
  • Kosoku custom plates
  • Heart shaped Tsurikawa
  • SCALE Extreme low 50k custom coilovers
  • 12 front VAGCAMBERKIT sleeves
  • VAGCAMBERKIT CV axle Spacers
  • VAGCAMBERKIT ball joint
  • VAGCAMBERKIT balljoint extensions
  • VAGCAMBERKIT inner extended tie rods
  • Park Auto tie rod extensions
  • Front tie rod flip for better oem toe
  • B6 passat aluminum knuckle swap to accommodate tie rod flip
  • VAGCAMBERKIT rear toe arms
  • VAGCAMBERKIT rear camber arms
  • 18 inch aodhan ds01 gloss black with gold rivets
  • 9.5 inch front with 2.5 inch lip with 30mm performance alloy spacer adapters with 8mm novustech slide on spacer 215/35/18 stretched tires
  • 10.5 inch rear with 3.5 inch lip with 25mm H&R spacer adapters with 20mm novustech slide on spacers 225/40/18


  • NRG Quick release
  • NRG Short hub
  • NRG Steering Wheel
  • BFI Shift Knob
  • Shape Shifters shift boot
  • Chandelier in back seat
  • Custom wall & floor installed in trunk
  • TV wall mount
  • 32" flat screen TV (functional)
  • Xbox One (functional)


  • 32" flat screen TV (functional)
  • Xbox One (functional) setup in trunk


  • Buddies Performance
  • Underground Vinylz
  • Lowered Empire
  • Modded World


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