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Shawn Flindall: 2016 Kia Rio

Shawn Flindall wanted to dive into the KDM scene, but he also wanted to do it in a unique way that suited his own personality and style. After deciding on a 2016 Kia Rio LX+, he was motivated by the popularity of the KDM niche in the car scene, and began transforming his compact Korean hatchback into a unique ride of his own.

Owner: Shawn Flindall
Location: Port Hope, ON
Vehicle: 2016 Kia Rio LX+
Horsepower: 138 whp
Club: StaticLows


Facebook: Shawn Flindall
Instagram: @staticlows

Photography by Shawn Flindall, @spokephotos.

02 Shawn Flindall 2016 Kia Rio pasmag


  • AF Dynamic Cold Air Intake
  • NGK Iridium Plugs
  • Spec D Oil Catch Can
  • KDM Tuner Rad Hose Kit
  • KDM Tuner Throttle Body Spacer
  • Evilla Motorsports Carbon Fiber Rad Cover
  • Carbon Hydro Dipped Engine Cover
  • Carbon Hydro Dipped Relay Cover
  • Chrome Fender/Bay Bolts
  • Blue Engine Bay Glow
  • SickSpeed Radiator & Oil Cap
  • SickSpeed Horns

05 Shawn Flindall 2016 Kia Rio pasmag


  • Evilla Motorsports Cat-Less Mid Pipe
  • Evilla Motorsports Magnaflow Axel-Back Exhaust


  • Volt Gauge
  • Oil Temp Gauge
  • Oil Pressure Gauge

03 Shawn Flindall 2016 Kia Rio pasmag


  • JNC 034 20+ Wheels
  • RTX Chrome Tuner Lugs
  • Nexen SU1 N’Fera Tires 195/45/16
  • Metallic Purple Calipers

13 Shawn Flindall 2016 Kia Rio pasmag


  • DBC SS Drilled Rotors
  • DBC Brake Pads

08 Shawn Flindall 2016 Kia Rio pasmag


  • Evilla Motorsports Strut Bar
  • Evilla Motorsports Lower Interior Hatch Bar
  • Evilla Motorsports Torsion Bar
  • Evilla Motorsports Mid Interior Hatch Bar
  • Wasp Racing Coilovers
  • Rear Collars/Perches Removed (rear)
  • Megan Racing Camber Bolt Kit

14 Shawn Flindall 2016 Kia Rio pasmag


  • Wrapped in Avery Satin Metallic Purple
  • Front Splitter Lip
  • Splitter Support Rods
  • Side Splitters
  • Rear Diffuser
  • Rear spoiler
  • Front Tow hook
  • Carbon K Emblems
  • Aftermarket Korean Headlights
  • LED conversion
  • Tinted Tail Lights/Third Brake/reflectors
  • VMS Shorty Antenna
  • 1” Hood Spacers
  • Front & Rear Wiper Delete
  • Rear Window Vents
  • Front Fenders Rolled/Pulled
  • Rear Fenders Rolled

15 Shawn Flindall 2016 Kia Rio pasmag


  • Aftermarket Korean Headlights

04 Shawn Flindall 2016 Kia Rio pasmag


  • Cipher Auto Seats
  • Cipher Auto 4 Point Harnesses
  • Custom Seat Brackets
  • Cipher Auto Harness Bar
  • DND Performance Steering Wheel
  • DND Performance Coilover Shift Knob
  • Tsurikawa Heart Handle
  • Carbon Fiber/Silver Pedals
  • Galaxy Wrapped Shifter Boot
  • Galaxy Wrapped Pillars
  • Galaxy Wrapped Headliner
  • Matte Black Double Din Head Unit Kit
  • Rear Seat Delete
  • False Rear Floor Wrapped in Black Fabric
  • Amp Rack in Spare Wheel Well
  • 5- Panel Wink Mirror
  • LED Light conversion
  • 3 pod Gauge Cluster

12 Shawn Flindall 2016 Kia Rio pasmag


  • Sony Double Din Head Unit
  • MTX Thunder Pro Audio 6.5” Component Speakers
  • MTX Thunder Pro 6.5" 3-Way Mid Speakers
  • MTX Thunder Pro2 10" Subwoofers (2)
  • Bassworx Inverted Sub Enclosure
  • 1800w Kenwood Amplifier
  • 1800w Amplifier Kit


"I honestly do not have a specific favorite modification, I just love the overall look of the Static Rio and how everything is coming together to complete my vision. Another favorite part of this project is the people I have met who have helped get the car to where it is today!"

07 Shawn Flindall 2016 Kia Rio pasmag


  • New wrap color
  • LED taillights
  • Hatch-mounted wing
  • Boost, or N/A rebuild, ECU tune
  • More aggressive wheel/stance setup


  • Optimum Wraps
  • Evilla Motorsports
  • Cipher Auto

10 Shawn Flindall 2016 Kia Rio pasmag