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Reymund Baluyut

Reymund Baluyut 2000 Honda S2000 TBGLIVE 1

Reymund Baluyut first acquired the 2000 Honda S2000 in late 2006. When choosing his next project car, it was between the 350Z, Lancer Evolution, WRX STI and last was the S2000. At the time, Baluyut owned a 2005 Scion xB. He test drove the S2000 last and as soon as Baluyut fired the engine, he knew right then and then that it was the car. Soon after, he traded the xB for the S2000.

Baluyut knew from the beginning that he wanted to modify the S2000 for one purpose - to tackle the corners in the canyons and/or on the track. A wise friend once advised him, "learn about the the car slowly while stock and you will discover its weakness, along with any weaknesses you may have as a driver." That said, the first modification came a year later. It took a while for Baluyut to get to know the S2000; it was very picky and sensitive to his input. In addition, the S2000 was not like any other RWD cars he's ever driven.

The first modification performed on the S2000 was a D2 Racing coilover setup, and quickly after, a set of Enkei RPF1 wheels (staggered) were mounted. After driving it on the track for a few days with the set up, Baluyut quickly learned that the D2 Racing coilovers were not sufficient for the S2000 and the staggered wheels were not able to tame the tail of this happy car. Baluyut changed the wheel setup to 'square' and replaced the D2 Racing coilovers with a set from KW (Variant 3). Thanks to the help of Momofoolio Racing and his team, Baluyut was able to fine-tune the new coilovers and attacked the corners again with full confidence.

With its current setup, Baluyut has achieved faster lap times. So without having to add more "go fast" parts, his main focus now is “driver-mod”, which means more seat time (more laps until he is convinced that he, as a driver, is no longer playing catch up with the car. 

This S2000 will be always be a part off Baluyut's family and it will never be sold. Why? Because his wife says so! You know what they say, "happy wife, happy life."

Reymund Baluyut 2000 Honda S2000 TBGLIVE 4

Owner: Reymund Baluyut
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Vehicle: 2000 Honda S2000
Horsepower: 220 hp
Club: Autocraft Las Vegas

Facebook: shu.me.in.buggy

Photography by Mike Chua, Astro Photography, White Rice Photography.

F22C 2.2 Engine
Supertech Dual Valve Spring
Supertech Titanium Retainer
K&N Drop-in filter
J’s Racing Snorkel

J’s Racing Header
Invidia 60mm test pipe
Custom Cat-Back Exhaust System with Spoon Canister

Reymund Baluyut 2000 Honda S2000 TBGLIVE 8



Team Dynamics Wheels
Nitto NT01 Tires

KW Variant 3 Coilovers
Suspension Energy Bushings
Buddy Club RCA
Eibach Sway Bars
Custom Sway Bar with Adjustable End Links

Reymund Baluyut 2000 Honda S2000 TBGLIVE 2

PMU 2-Piece Slotted Front Rotors
Goodridge Steel Braided Brake Lines 
Carbotech XP10 & XP8 (f/r)

Rockstar Garage Gears Front Lip
VIS Racing SP Style GT Wing
VIS Racing SP Style CF hood
Wasp CF Side Diffuser
Wasp CF Front Splitter

Recaro Pole Position (Driver Seat)
Recaro SRD (Passenger Seat)
Hard Dog 4-Point Roll Bar
Sparco 3-inch 5-Point Racing Harness

Reymund Baluyut 2000 Honda S2000 TBGLIVE 7


Speed Ventures S2000 Challenge - Unlimited Class - 3rd Place
SCCA Autocross BSP - 4th Place
2013 360 Car Show - 2nd Place Best Honda 2-Door
2015 742 - Top 20 Award
2016 Warehouse Warz - 2nd Place Honda 2-Door

The KW V3 coilovers is my favorite modification of my S2000. My car handling changed significantly. It's much easier to handle and much more predictable, giving me the confidence to push the car harder on track.

AEM EMS & Tune

Reymund Baluyut 2000 Honda S2000 TBGLIVE 5


Buggy's Garage
Kevin's Auto Repair
Donlyson Autoconcept
J2G Autosport
Rockstar Garage
Ballade Sports

Reymund Baluyut 2000 Honda S2000 TBGLIVE 6