Victor Mata: 2015 Honda Civic Si

Victor Mata will never forget the night when his friend pulled up in a brand new 2006 Honda Civic Si. It was at that moment Mata had to know what kind of car that was and who made it. "I really wanted one but as a student I barely had any money," mentions Mata. Years would go by as he saw the Civic change with modifications, and he still had been wanting one.

In 2015, and while Mata was working at Honda, he and his father owned a Ford Mustang. "My dad said I could continue payments or trade (it) in," remembers Mata. "I traded it in for a 2015 Honda Civic Si, which was in the showroom, and slowly modified it, piece by piece."

Mata took the Civic to local car meets and saw that people noticed it more frequently. "I've always wanted to inspire others because growing up I had didn't have any," states Mata. He met people and they accepted him into their car club. "That club is called Clean Culture," mentions Mata, "and the rest is history."

He feels blessed to have his Civic.

"I know it isn't the fastest, or the coolest, but technically this is my dream car. 13 years in the making. I had other project builds prior to the Civic but none of them compared."

Owner: Victor Mata
Location: Mesa, AZ
Vehicle: 2015 Honda Civic Si
Horsepower: 225 (estimated)
Club: Clean Culture


Facebook: n/a
Instagram: @vicwavy

Photography by @mufastar,, @vicwavy.

01 Victor Mata 2015 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Acuity cold air intake
  • J's Racing oil cap (discontinued)
  • J's Racing magnetic oil pan bolt

03 Victor Mata 2015 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Skunk2 Mega RR exhaust

08 Victor Mata 2015 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Work Emotion CR Kiwami wheels
  • Kumho Ecsta tires - 225/40/18


  • KSport Street coilovers

02 Victor Mata 2015 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE


  • Honda Factory Performance (HFP) lip kit
  • Seibon carbon fiber hood
  • Seibon carbon fiber trunk
  • Password: JDM carbon fiber gurney flap
  • Type R emblems (f/r) 
  • Weathertech side window visors
  • Muteki JDM black lug nuts


  • Kensun 8k blue HID
  • Blinking brake lights (taillights)


  • GReddy carbon fiber, leather wrapped steering wheel
  • Type R FK8 shift knob
  • Broadway wide mirror
  • Discontinued HFP red floor mats

06 Victor Mata 2015 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE


"My favorite modification would be my GReddy carbon fiber steering wheel. Normally while driving I can't see any of the mods except the carbon hood. It's nice to see that there are mods in the car done. Plus, it feels just as good as the OEM wheel. Add the right amount to the interior without overpowering it."


  • Air Lift Performance suspension
  • New wheels
  • K24 rebuild
  • Wrap


  • Clean Culture
  • Inspire USA

07 Victor Mata 2015 Honda Civic Si PASMAG TBGLIVE